Fall Gardening & Horticulture

Most of this course is experiential in nature. In other words, you learn by doing. In addition, there are some very important issues related to food in our society that you need to have some familiarity with so that you are equipped to make choices about food. Exploring these ideas and forming your own opinions about these issues will be a part of your work in quarter 2 and be included as part of your final exam grade.

As you explore the resources record notes and reference which resource you got the notes from!!!! You will want to go back to these and it may be periods of time between working on this.

Issues you can explore:

  • What is meant by food security?
  • What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing food in your local community?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of large agriculture business (agribusiness)?
  • What are factors that influence the cost of food?
  • Importance of and issues concerning the heath of bees.
  • What is the connection between our food system and obesity?
  • Agriculture and climate change
  • How to grow food in a city.

Opinion topics:

Final Exam will include writing an opinion about a topics relevant to growing food for humans. Some of these opinion topics connect several issues above together. You can make your opinion stronger by including ideas from more than one issue.
  • Should we have a law requiring the labeling of foods containing GMO's?
  • Should food cost more?
  • Can being a vegan reduce the impacts of climate change?
  • Is growing food locally important?
  • How important is organic agriculture?

Scoring Rubric for Final Exam


Bill Nye explains GMO
65 Health Risks from GMO
The Impact on Human Health of GMO

Take a knowledge quiz on GMO's
The Truth about GMO's

Classic vs. Transgenic Breeding
Making a Transgenic Organisms

Growing BT corn
Guess what's coming for dinner
Super Salmon
Should we grow GM corn?

General Food Issues
Sustainable Table - Food Issues

Food Security
United Nations - Food Security
World Health Organization

Importance of Bees
Disappearance of Bees

Urban Farms
Refugees living in the USA