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February 22


January 26

What we are doing today:

You will get your exam back. You can go through it, ask questions, etc.

We will watch a few video clips that will begin our study of climate change. The document below has questions you will answer as we watch the video clips. Watch, listen and write! Save what you have written on your desktopp.

We will watch video clip 1 and 2 today.

January 28

What we are doing today:

You will begin by watching video clip 3.

These three video clips provide the background to begin our study of climate change. There are many pieces we need to understand before we can all have a full understanding of climate systems and the scientific debates surrounding climate.

Explore the website
What's up with the weather?

There are many links on this website. You will need paper to record your responses. Use pages or Open Office. These two links to explore below are to get you thinking before you watch a little of the video "What's up with the Weather?"

1. Go to the link "Stories in Ice". Look at the graphs. They are a little confusing. LOOK at them. These graphs are the kind of data that can be extracted from ice cores. MAKE A LIST of all the types of data that can be figured out from ice.

2. Go to the link "water world". There are several maps that show what the coastline was like in the past and what it might be like in the future. How was the island of Manhatten (New York City) like 20,000 years ago? DESCRIBE how NYC would change if West sheet of Antarctica melted? DESCRIBE how NYC would change if East sheet of Antarctica melted? HOW is it different or similar to what might happen to Florida?

If any time is left begin watching the video, "What's up with the Weather?" Be sure you pay attention so that you can continue next class.

February 1

Begin (if you haven't already) or continue watching video, "What's up with the Weather?"
Answer the questions on the question sheet.