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Exceeds the Standard
Meets the Standard
Partially Meets the Standard
Does Not Meet the Standard

A. Knowledge of the Student
Teacher has a deep understanding of the developmental needs of students, identifies personal interests, and responds to situations in a way that reflects that understanding.
Teacher accurately recognizes and identifies students’ needs and special interests in most instances.
Teacher attempts to recognize differences in students’ needs and interests but the efforts are sporadic or incomplete.
Teacher incorrectly identifies or fails to identify differences in students’ needs and interests.
  • Student and parent information surveys (I use this information to get to know my students as individuals in order to best support them while they are my student)
  • Course Evaluation (I use course evaluations to reflect on how classes, as a whole, are doing with the learning goals of the course and with me as an instructor. I can make course adjustments based on quarter evaluations. I have evaluations going back many years)
  • NBPTS (The analytic and reflective process of going through the NBPTS process requires that I look at all aspects of my practice for effectiveness with student learning.)

B. Knowledge of the Subject Matter and Pedagogy
Teacher rarely makes an error when presenting content to students and is able to anticipate errors made by students and address them constructively. Teacher is consistently able to access and utilize current research-based educational trends and is able to consistently and effectively deliver the subject matter to a variety of students.
Teacher makes few errors when presenting content to students and deals with student errors appropriately. Teacher is aware of educational trends and uses them to deliver subject matter effectively to a variety of students.
Teacher makes an occasional error when presenting content to students and intermittently identifies and addresses student errors. Teacher sporadically accesses educational trends and may be inconsistent in the delivery of subject matter.
Teacher makes numerous errors when presenting content and is unable to identify student errors and respond to them. Teacher is not current with education trends and unable to consistently deliver the subject matter in an effective way.
  • Awards (This list demonstrates how I have been recognized by many organizations for my work with students. Several of these awards are from professional organizations or content area organizations that recognized me for how I deliver content to students that is exemplary.)
  • NBPTS (The national board recertification process required me to select 4 professional development experiences over the last 10 years that have had the greatest impact on student learning. My work has required me to have deep understanding of the standards in my content area, pedogogical practices, and current research into teaching and learning in my content area.)
  • Course Evaluation (Several questions in my quarter evaluations require students to subjectively provide feedback on class work. This allows me to also look at assessment results to evaluate the effectiveness of a lab or class activity.)
  • TAC ( Serving on the Teacher Advisory Council and previously on the Board of Science Education for the National Academy of Science has provided me with the most incredible opportunity to access all the current research and practice in science education. It also, provides a forum to think about implementation, barriers and outcomes that can turn research into learning results)Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 7.58.31 PM.png
  • Probes online (I use probes often with students to see what they initially think about a concept we are about to explore. It is important to get a sense of their prior thinking and then I use the results to help in designing lessons to help students build the conceptual framework they need to understand why their previous thinking may have been flawed)
  • NGSS leadership team (We are in an exciting time for science education. In the next few months there will be the release of the Next Generation Science Standards. Being on the statewide leadership team has provided me an opportunity to link many aspects of my professional expertise together. My work with the TAC, NBPTS and of course, classroom practice are all integrated into this work of are the standards reflective of the teaching and learning we want all Maine students to have and how we will implement these new standards when they are legislated)
  • Tech integration (With the adoption of one to one at our school, I have been active in helping to support staff and students in how to effectively integrate the use of one to one in the classroom)Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 8.08.08 PM.png

Teacher planning shows extensive work tailored to meet individual and group learning needs and District policies. Teacher is flexible/creative in designing plans for different academic conditions.
Teacher planning shows required work to meet student learning needs and District policies. Planning evidences flexibility much of the time.
Teacher planning sometimes shows required work to meet student learning needs and District policies. Teacher has difficulty adjusting to changing academic conditions.
Teacher planning fails to meet student learning needs and District policies. Teacher cannot adjust to changing academic conditions.
  • Website ( I keep a website where students can access the daily class plan, independent work assigned and resources that might be helpful. I also post all assignments to iCal) Margo Murphy's Class Website
  • Energy4ME (Energy4ME is a project that is allowing students to access a hugh amount of energy data about our school and a variety of homes to help them better understand our relationship with energy. Students find the platform to access the data engaging. Both classroom and student windplanners are using this data for problem solving. Problem solving is both a department and school learning focus.) Energy4ME
  • Digital plan book (Using the digital planbook allows me to easily modify and update lessons and simultaneously keep the iCal updated. I can embed resources so they become part of the record. File too large to share. Can demonstrate in person)
  • Summer Curriculum Work – standards work (My Global Science class has been restructured to be a standards based course. Students grades are based on assessments and not on practice assignments. This has been really important work to put the focus on learning and not on effort. Student lab notebooks will be demonstrated.)