Course Expectations

Course Expectations 2010-2011
These are the course expectations for this class. A signed copy should remain in your binder.

Habits of Mind

This is the inventory of your habits of mind skills. We will use this several times this year and monitor your individual growth in these areas.

Science Notebook

Science Notebooks 2010-2011.doc
These are the reasons and protocols for how to keep a science notebook in class.

What is Inquiry?

Understanding Inquiry and the Nature of Science.doc
This is a list of the key elements of what scientific inquiry is. This is the basis for all science.

Popper Inquiry Lab

Hon Sci InquiryPoppers.doc
These are the pages you glued into your science notebook

Popper Lab Report Scoring Rubric

Popper Lab Report Rubric.doc
This is the modified rubric for the popper lab. It is how you will be scored for your final Lab write-up

Lab Report - Peer Feedback Form

Lab Report Peer feedback form.pages
We used this form to get and give feedback on the popper lab.

General Lab Report Scoring Rubric

Lab Report Rubric.doc
This is the rubric we will use to score several labs this year.