2010-2011 HGS Q2

Quarter 2 will be a little more rigorous than quarter 1. We will dive into new content and the pace will pick up a little. Please use this website to help you stay on top of things. Feel free to be in touch when you need it.

January 18 - 20 Midterm Exams

Jan 18 - White 1, 2, 3
Jan 19 - White 4, Red 1, 2
Jan 20 - Red 3, 4 and make-up exams.

No classes on Jan 17 (Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Jan 21 - teacher exam scoring day.

Complete semester evaluation in class to receive points on exam.
Semester 1 Evaluation

January 13 (white) and 14 (red)
In class:
Review for midterm exams

Study for midterm exams.

January 11 (white) and 12 (red)
In class:
Review Seasons topics - using deductive reasoning.
helpful simulations
Seasons Simulation 1
Seasons Simulation 2
Review for midterm exams

Study for midterm exams

January 7 (white) and 10 (red)
In Class:
Quiz on Time, Seasons and Earth's place in space.
Intro to cycling of matter.
Receive midterm review handout.

Begin organizing and reviewing materials for midterm exam

January 5 (white) and 6 (red)
In class:
Collect and analyze seasons lab data.
Review Time, Seasons review questions and any other questions for quiz next class.

Time, Seasons Quiz
Seasons Lab

January 3 (white) and 4 (red)

In class:
Review criteria for seasons lab. Explore equipment and set-up to design an experiment that supports that tilt is the reason for seasonal variation of temperature on Earth rather than the distance the Earth is from the Sun.

Be ready to collect real dataset for experiment next class. Complete Time, Seasons review questions. to review in class next class.

December 21 (White)

No Red day class on 12/22 (half day)
In Class:
Continue with review practice
Season chart.doc
Where the Sun Shines chart.doc

Time, Season review.doc
Time, Season review ANSWER.doc
Practice seasons and celestial orientation concepts. Sleep! Rest!! Enjoy being with family and friends!! Do something FUN!!

December 17 (White) and 20 (Red)

In Class:
Kinesthetic Astronomy - Review concepts.
Lecture - Seasons geometry
Circle w degrees.pdf

Begin Practicing review sheets - I will not collect but answers will be provided. We will review any questions people are having difficulty with.
Zodiac Diagram .pdf
Birthday Stars.pdf
Night Sky in China.pdf
Who Can See Orion When.pdf

Answers after you have done the work yourself!!!
Birthday StarsANSWER.pdf
Night Sky in ChinaANSWER.pdf
Who Can See Orion WhenANSWER.pdf

Continue working on review sheets. Review the class after break and quiz the class after.

December 15 (White) and 16 (Red)

In Class:
Quiz on Matter/Atoms
Kinesthetic Astronomy - continue with reasons for seasons

The Dating Game.pdf
Dating Game - BoyANSWER.pdf
Dating Game - GirlANSWER.pdf
Reasons for Seasons - pg1.pdf
Reasons for Seasons - pg2.pdf
Reasons for Seasons - pg 2ANSWER.pdf
Reasons for Seasons Concept Map - pg1.pdf
Reasons for Seasons Concept Map - pg 2.pdf
Reasons for Seasons Concept Map - pg 1ANSWER.pdf
Reasons for Season Concept Map - pg 2 ANSWER.pdf

December 13 (White) and 14 (Red)

In class:
Review questions on atoms and molecules.
Begin kinesthetic astronomy unit. Pre-Test, Scale model of the solar system, Day/night

Review atoms/molecules/matter for quiz next class.
Complete worksheet Kinesthetic Times of Day, Rotation vs. Orbit
Kinesthetic Time of Day.pdf
Kinesthetic Time of Day ANSWER.pdf
Rotation vs. Orbit.pdf
Rotation vs. Orbit ANSWER.pdf

December 10 (Red)

In class today:

Notes in science notebook: How do we use the periodic table to understand elements?
Activity: Making model of atoms Model of an atom.doc
Start homework.

Complete worksheet "Practice with Elements" Use weblink Practice with Elements
Complete the worksheet "Making Model of Atoms and Using the Periodic Table" Making Models of Atoms Using the Periodic Table.doc

December 9 (White)

Have Mr. Benner as a sub today
In class:
Complete Alkaseltzer lab procedure, data table and data collected. Alka-Seltzer Lab (HGS).doc

Complete analysis questions of alkaseltzer lab.

December 7 (White)

In class today:
Notes in science notebook: How do we use the periodic table to understand elements?
Activity: Making model of atoms Model of an atom.doc
Start homework. Can revisit "Practice with Elements" from last class and pass in next class.

Complete assignment "More About Atoms and Molecules" More About Atoms.doc and
"Matter and the Periodic Table" Matter and the Periodic Table.doc



December 8 (Red)

Snowday on 12/6

In class today:
Complete probe and review class results for "Cookie Crumbles" and "Ice Cubes in a Bag". Use links below (December 3 - White) to complete probes.

Class notes (in science notebook)
What is matter? What is an element, compound, molecule? The language of atoms and molecules.

Activity: Begin worksheet "The Language of Matter" The Language of Matter.doc

Homework: Complete "Language of Matter" worksheet.

December 3 (White)

In class today:
Review class results of "Cookie Crumbles" and "Ice Cubes in a Bag"
Cookie Crumbles
Ice Cubes in a Bag

View: Bill Nye the Science Guy video on Atoms

Class notes (in science notebook)
What is matter? What is an element, compound, molecule? The language of atoms and molecules.

Complete worksheet Practice with Elements.doc and tutorial Practice with Elements

December 1(White) and 2 (Red)

In class today:
Quiz on systems and satellites
We will explore "What is geocaching"? Worksheet on geocaching Geocaching.doc

Complete probe "Cookie Crumbles" and "Ice in a Bag"

Complete geocaching (if not completed)
Look for the best possible on-line periodic table. Bonus ticket will be given to the best site.

Extra Credit: Must be completed by the holiday break.
Go geocaching. Sign-out a GPS from me. Register on geocaching.com. Find a geocache somewhere in midcoast Maine. Take a picture of you with the geocache in the general vicinity where it was found. In other words, show evidence that you were actually at the site. Send an email to me with the photo and the name of the site found.

November 29 (White) and 30 (Red)

In Class Today:
Please follow the link to fill out Mr. Benner's Evaluation Mr. Benner's Evaluation
Viewed video "Story of Stuff". Can view on youtube
Take notes listing a system principal and how the video illustrates this.
Review for open notebook quiz, next class.

Study and prep for quiz

Thanksgiving Break - November 24 - 28

November 22 (white) and 23 (red)

In class today we:
Did GeoHunt Using GPS (weather permitting)

Nothing as long as you don't owe me anything. Stuff your face with Turkey!

November 18 (white) and 19 (red)

In class today we:
Analyzed satellite photographs and studied change
Complete student nomination form
Nomination form
Image one: http://asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/images/usu2.jpg
Image two: http://asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/images/college.jpg
Image three:
Finish Satellite Image Analysis if not finished
Bring food items for food drive. Winning class gets bonus ticket.

November 16 (white) and 17 (red)

In class today we:
Handed in posters
Short Lecture on Satellites (notes in your science notebook)
Google Earth Search
Analyzing Satellite Images (Come see me for this if needed)

Tracking Weather (See me if needed)

Bring food items for food drive. Winning class gets bonus ticket.

Vote for Glee

A free texting site
Free texting

You choose message type: (text only SMS)
Put in an email
To Number is: 84444
Choose a carrier. I chose verizon, US cellular, and Virgin
Message is: GLEE4
Hit send

You can use the back button and update a few of the items and keep sending a new text

November 12 (white) and 15 (red)
In class today we:
Received late tickets (2) for quarter 2
Watched video segment to tie earth systems and why we use satellites.
Click here to view

Worked on satellite poster.

Complete satellite poster due next class.
Vote for Gleesando. You will need to register with an email and password Click here to vote

November 8 (red) and 9 (white)

In class today we:
Took a pop quiz over systems principles.
Did create-a-map of the school campus. Three different versions were made, looking at tools used to create and how tools today are more pwoerful than at any time in human history. The tools are also used to analyze systems (all was done in science notebook).
Students picked a satellite name out of bucket. These are the earth observing satellites used to monitor the earth's systems. Each student has their own satellite assigned. Handed out satellite poster assignment

Research assigned satellite and begin working on poster: White day due- 11/16/10
Red day due-11/17/10

November 4 (red) and 5 (white)

In class today we:
Review what a system is and systems principles. We looked at the honda commercial video
Honda Commercial
Commercial explained: Honda commercial.doc

Gave an overview of various Earth systems. (notes in science notebook)
In table groups work on concept map/poster using poster paper or omnigraffle.
Earth subsystems concept map.pages

A helpful site to frame your thoughts
Assessing the interactions in the earth system

Complete concept map/poster.

November 2 (red) and 3 (white)

In class today we:
Reviewed quarter 1 progress reports.
Looked at the density model.
Discussed what a system is. (notes in your science notebook)
Systems Principles (stu vers).doc
Questions to Ask About Systems.doc
We reviewed a bicycle as a system. (answered guiding questions on paper and handed in)
The Bicycle as a System.doc

Explored two natural and 1 man-made system using system principles and guiding questions.
Systems Example Worksheet.pages